My desk

My desk moves from room to another every now and then.  I really liked it against our dark grey wall.  I think every time I get one corner ready I get a new idea how to fix something else here. The most important thing for me is that things would have their place, and now they don´t. Last year I bought few basic closet where I can put all my props etc.  I did those leather handles from a belt and bought those brass buttons from Hokola.  Looks pretty nice!  Well now I feel like I would need more closets. Is it with everybody like this, if you work at home?


  1. Kauniita kuvia <3 - pöytä näyttää tosiaan ihanalta harmaata seinää vasten.

  2. Anonymous3/28/2016

    What is the color code of the wall? Its look stunning :-)

  3. Anonymous4/04/2016

    can you tell me the chair's name (brand and model, please)? i love the simplicity of its forms. thanks in advance

  4. Anonymous4/07/2016

    *siro+. thanks a lot!!!