On our Blogger tour visit to Stockholm we had a lovely dinner at Asplund. I knew the brand before our visit and I was so exited to finally see some of the products in real life. Like Tati tables and Kub. I was amazed how good quality and well made everything was. Asplund was founded in 1990 and the first own product saw the daylight in 1993. Their philosophy is to create clean, elegant lines that never go out of fashion, and products of a quality that ensures durability. A good, new design that is interesting and that you will enjoy having as long as it is with you. Asplund store is definitely worth of seeing if you are visiting Stockholm.



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    1. Thank you! Had no Idea what to put in that kube so that was the first thing that I tried. Maybe some books there. Like a mini bookshelf :)

  2. Michelle3/28/2014

    Hello, all the way from New Zealand! I love your blog, very inspiring. Where is the Kube and the marble stand from? these are gorgeous!

    1. Hi. Did you read the text ;) ? On my table KUB By Eva Lilja Löwenhielm, for ASPLUND and links on the text too ;)

  3. Michelle3/31/2014

    Oh, Im sorry, I did not realise that was what your were referring to. Thanks.