Dollhouse by Boomini

This wooden dollhouse by Boomini is just so adorable!
If my girl would be little again:)
All furniture is made of wood and plywood, painted with watercolors, which are safe for children. Kids can play with it from all sides at the same time. Check out also the bigger dollhouse from boomini´s site.

Aika ihastuttava tämä Boominin vanerinen nukkekoti!  Väreinä huonekaluissa on käytetty lapsille soveltuvia vesiliukoisia värejä. Se on kooltaan suuri ja mahdollistaa useamman lapsen yhteisen leikin. Kannattaa kurkata sivuilta myös kerrostalon omainen nukkekoti.


  1. Anonymous12/21/2013

    Why can't a boy play with that beautiful house? It's so sad that many adults decide what boys and girls should play with. My son would love that house but he already have one.

    1. Of course boys can play! But mine are more into cars than those furnitures. I belive they would love the house but they would decorate it differently :) And I just love love those little design furnitures.

  2. Aivan nerokas muotoilu, tuo nukkekodin moniulottuvuus. Ainakin lasten leikkien näkökulmasta. Ison tilanhan tuo veisi. Onkin ihan omiaan tuossa kuvausympäristössä!

  3. I love this. It's so sweet.