Epaulette kehykset on suunnitellut Caroline Olsson ja Ida Noemi. Näihin kehyksiin ihastuin ensisilmäyksellä ja yritin saada niitä kauppaanikin myyntiin, mutta valitettavasti eivät ole vielä tuotannossa. Näissä kun on kaikki kunnossa. Tyylikkäät, helpot kasata, ajattomat ja silti niin trendikkäät puun ja kuparin yhdistelmineen. 

These are just everything I need from a frame. Stylish, functional, timeless and still so hip with all that combination of wood and copper.I tried to get these to my shop, but unfortunately those are not in production, yet.

This is what Carolina says about their frames:
With EPAULETTE we wanted to create a frame system with a greater flexibility than traditional frames, focusing on the corners. The corners of a frame is what defines the silhouette and could looked upon as the shoulders of a picture. Epaulette is the french word for a shoulder piece, which can be used as decoration or to show the rank of a uniform. The sides of the frame are held together by L-shaped corner profiles in copper, liberating the frame from any screws and fixed formats. The copper profiles are slid on to the corners as epaulettes and enhance the expression of the frame in a subtile, but characteristic way.

7 kommenttia:

  1. These are just beutiful! love them!

  2. this is great... I might try to do it on my own....

  3. Onpa kekseliäät ja tyylikkäät kehykset! Hitti, kun saisi tuommoisia mustilla kulmapaloilla, ni oisin iha myyty!