Ostin minäkin myyjäisistä jotain. Nimittäin Month of Sundaysin (heillä on muuten -30% ale) täydellisen harmaan kangaskassin sekä Vainio.Seitsosen metsän vihreän villatakin. 

When we had our pop up shop last weekend I did some shopping too. Like this perfect grey totebag from Month of Sundays(btw they have now -30% sale and they ship world wide) and Vainio. Seitsonen´s dark green cardigan.


  1. Kangaskassi on upea! Mikä muoto.

  2. the tote is just awesome!

  3. Anonymous8/30/2012

    hi. i just wonder where you brought your beddingcover, the black ad white one, it´s some kind of pattern that almost looks like dots. it´s the most wonderful one!