Viimeinkin työhuone naapurit Month of Sundays saivat ihastuttavat vaatteensä ja asusteet uuteen nettikauppaansa! Nyt Month of Sundays on kaikkien saatavilla sillä he postittavat ympäri maailmaa! Täytyypä hakea pian yhdet kierre leggingsit etteivät lopu kesken:)

Finally those talented girll´s from Month of sundays got their beautiful collection to web so that everybody will be able to have piece of MOS to their carderobe! So pure and beautiful and they ship worldwide! I have to make my order before those pretty leggings are soldout!


  1. What a beautiful bag/basket!

  2. big fan of 'month of sundays' gorgeous clean lines, i could fill a few closets with their stuff
    x kat


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