Tätä Acnen Darling long sleeve mekkoa voisin pitää vaikka joka päivä, niin ihana se on. Ja kesäksi halajan Magenta print mekkoa. Täytyy vaan ensin treenata tuollaiset koivet kun kuvassa:)
I Love my Acne´s Darling long sleeve dress. And there is only one thing for my next summers wishlist Magenta print.  First I just have to do some work out :)


  1. Language. I love it when things don't translate well... when something funny happens as a consequence of letters in a particular order that can convey completely different meanings.
    English: acne = pimples, cysts, skin inflammations.
    Cute dresses, funny name. What does it mean or convey to you?

  2. I'm in love as well.

  3. Loving these darlings a lot!

  4. Your blog inspires me :) Thank you very much for sharing your work, inspirations etc.!

    I'll be your new follower. ^^

    ♥Looona Lou.

  5. Hello!

    I really like your pictures and posts! Do you have any sugestions of stores in Helsinki? I am going over there for easter.

    Hihi.. Excuse my English...

    Merry Christmas / Terese


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