Red Head

Olen ollut jo tovin punapää, mutta oikean sävyn löytäminen on vielä kesken. Ehkäpä jotain tällaista seuraavaksi.

 I have been a red head for a while, but I´m still searching the right shade of it. Maybe something like this for the next time.

Picture taken by me, 
Riikka Kantinkoski for Kauneus&Terveys/A-Lehdet Oy
Stylist: Kaisa Hatakka
Make Up: Heidi Reponen


  1. Wau mikä kuva ja väri.

  2. I adore this picture! I´m a born redhead, too. Less beautiful than this lady, unfortunately. ;-)

  3. Terhi: Kiitos. Lämmittää kuvaajan mieltä:)
    Judith K: Thank you! This is one of my favourites. Girll in the picture was about 15 years when I took this.

  4. I'm a red head too! Always searching for the perfect the one in the picture!!

  5. Maria: I think I go for this lighter shade of red too.

  6. SO pretty. I have dark dark brown hair, but would love to have this color.