Now you can have it!

These handmade potcoasters by me - rkdesign, are now available in here:

Working spot!

Finally it´s ready! I mean cleaning:) My workstation has been a really messy place for a long time now. It´s been really easy to hide, just shut the doors;) So how was my midsummerfest? Oh well, I cleaned my cabins! Now I have a place where to put my sewingmachine, my husbands computer and all my crafts. And now there is also this never ending art gallery:)

My dream house!

Can´t belive this is someone´s summer house! I could live here all year around! This is my silent and peaceful dreamhome!

coffee table.

This is our new coffee table. We made it by our selves by using ikeas vika lerberg stands and a wooden board from bauhaus. I´m really into wooden things with bits of white.

I Want this Book.

Some new things coming soon to my shop. Most of them are one of a kind things.

Last screw

There is only two screw anymore that we have to drill on the wall. Another shelf like this, maybe then we can say that everything has found it´s place in our home and we can start taking relax.

dinner under a turquoise

Our childrens lamp (from habitat) found it´s new place from dining area when our balgony fittings moved there too.

For a Name.

I made this for a little boy for his name giving day.

Tiger love! Making some new posters....


Today I made this colourful worm for kids. In bed it helps our younger boy not to bang his head to wall´s because he sleeps restless.

bye bye bicycle

Toivottavasti sinä idiootti fillarivaras nukut yösi hyvin. Poikani ei. Hän itkee uuden pyöränsä perään. Öisin hän ei saa unta kun rosvot pelottaa. Jos siis vastaasi tulee uuden karhea kiiltävä musta(tarrat revitty pois) 12" poikien fillari jossa on musta satula ja siinä vihreä-valkoinen teksti revolution sekä takana mahdollisesti apupyörät, niin vinkkaa tänne. Ärsyttävää että ihmiset eivät ajattele omia tarpeitaan pidemmälle kun anastavat lapsen pyörän. Vaikka se olikin vain pyörä, niin tapahtuma jää pyörimään mieleen vielä pitkään, toivottavasti ei jää suurempia traumoja.

Our little gorillas!

Our children love their reading spot. And they can easily choose the next book because books are frontside up. Nice place for a napping too:)