Vipp shelter

A month ago I opened my email and there was a lovely letter waiting for me. 
Vipp wanted to invite me to Copenhagen and to visit their Shelter. I had seen the pictures all over the social media in past months, so I was really exited to finally see it in real life. I had also been planing a trip to Copenhagen so I decided to combine these two visits.
We started our tripp from Vipp office where Jette Egelund told us a very touching story about 
how Vipp got started and how it became what it is today. 

After our small breakfast and great stories with Jette and Vipps chief designer Morten Bo Jensen we started two hours drive to  Vipp Shelter. 
 When we arrived to the Shelter everybody was quite quiet. 
I think it is something that happens when you arrive to that kind of calm place.
The thing I loved the most, was that the nature was left how it is and after you opened the big windows you really felt like you were outside even you had a shelter around you. 

The driving ambition behind the Vipp shelter had been the opportunity to match Vipp kitchen and its accessories to your nature retreat. 
The Vipp shelter is delivered fully equipped for a complete design experience and an easy escape.

I think the Shelter looked a very much as it ´s designer Morten Bo Jensen.  First of all it was black like his favorite color and you could really see from every where that he gets his inspiration from funktional industrial objects. Everything had a purpose and there was nothing that you do not really need.  And in the end, even the shelter is made from black steel,  I think it will look even better after few years, when the nature around it has grown even more.

To learn more about the shelter and Vipp, please visit their web page
Take a look also about their nice video about the Shelter.

My trip to the Vipp shelter was covered by Vipp


  1. Anonymous6/22/2016

    oh. my. goodness.
    I am beyond words!! it is my dream to see a vipp shelter in real life... but since I live in Australia, my chances are quite slim :(
    Every so often I do let vipp know via my instagram posts that I'd be willing to try one out in Aussie conditions for them, if they want to send one over here...!!!

    Leanne xx

  2. Kiitos kuvista, ihania juttua talo täynnä.

  3. Wunderschöne Bilder haben mir sehr gut gefallen und ganz besonders Der Kamin.

  4. Omg, I’m just speechless. These photos are stunning, what a beautiful place! I love the mix of grays and black, that’s just the look I’d want for my house. Loved the post!

  5. Gorgeous minimalist decor! I just love this place!