Art and science of skin and hair

Well the heading is a bit of excessive, but lets talk about routines.
I am one of those people that has only one routine in a morning and it is one cup of coffee. Yes, I know it is bad, but what can you do :) After my coffee I have a breakfast and then some freshing up if I have time. I do not use a lot of make up or skincare products and unfortunately I often even forget to use the ones I have.  But when I do, I like products that makes my face feel fresh and light. And I can not lie, I do care how the products feel but also how they look. So what do I do when I have time?
Well, first I wash my face using Foaming cleanser by Nuori and twice a week I do enzyme peel by Emma S. Then I put few drops of Lumene bright now vitamin C serum and after that I moisturize my face with Emma S daycream ( I have used this few years now, and I really like it) And usually that is it.  I have noticed that when I have remembered to do all these routines for my skin, it looks more vibrant and less tired.  So I wonder why do I forget sometimes?
My hair routine is basically only my natural brush that I would not change for anything. After I started to use it, my hair has been more shiny and less tangled. I really recommend this kind of brush if you have thick hair like I do.
So what are your routines? And if you have a favorite product that feels and looks good, please share it with me:)
Have a lovely new week!


  1. My favourite products are Naturativ's, Micellar Lotion for cleaning, some drops of their serum and day and night creams. Top! The look is different that's why I like it, the children line looks good and they have good scent. (Katja Kokko also wrote about it in her blog)

  2. We have heard cases in the past where people have developed skin problems due to artificial products. When we talk about artificial products they are made from various chemicals which do not suit all types of skin.dull skin causes