I had the most wonderful time in Berlin last week. I was there with my blogger friends from our  Design Bloggers tour group.  I will soon get back to you with further information and highlights from our tour.  Untill then here is some pics that I took at home. My weird souveniers like silver ball, metal plates, silver and gold tape ect.  I had no idea that there was this awesome DIY store in Berlin called Planet Modulor. You can just imagine how crazy I went in there ;) It really is heaven for all of you diy girls and boys out there!

Viime viikolla tein pienen visiitin Berliinin yhdessä Design Bloggers tour ryhmämme kanssa. 
Palaan matkaamme tarkemmin vielä myöhemmin. Sitä ennen muutama kuva oudoista tuliaisistani joita raahasin mukaani Suomeen. Kuten hopeinen pallo, metallilevyjä, hopea- ja kultateippiä ja vodkaa (vain sen etiketin takia,heh) Menin aivan sekaisin Planet Modulorissa. Visiitin arvoinen paikka kaikille tee-se-itse ihmisille.


  1. Ahhh ... I lvoe Modulor and can't resist the Online-Shop. They have such great materials.
    Thanks for sharing your souvenirs.
    P.S. Love your blog and think I would even stroll around here without your translation - for which I am ... thankful ;o)

  2. Kivoja juttuja asetelmassa. :)

  3. Oi, Planet Modulor kuulostaa uskomattomalta. Minulla on Berliininmatka suunnitteleilla keväälle, joten pistän korvan taakse!

  4. Hi Riikka,
    it was such a pleasure meeting you in Berlin.
    ...and I know exactly what you mean about going crazy in Modulor.
    You go in there and just start thinking about all the possibilities. ;)

  5. I see the same handcream I have at home. Oh wait, we bought it together. Right:-) Great styling!