Vaijeri valaisimessa viehätti niin että piti ottaa selvää kenen aikaansaanos se on. Sieltäpä löytyi paljon muutakin ihasteltavaa.

Wendy Legro (1984) and Maarten Collignon (1984) are Studio WM. - a design partnership based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. They work in the field of furniture, lightning and interior design with self-commissioned projects and in collaboration with other companies.

The two started working together right after graduation at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009, as they discovered their different specializations complement each other very well. WM.’s aim is to fuse functionality with aesthetic form. Inspired by flora and fauna they focus on every detail to bring life into design.

With Lightness in Lines, Studio WM. displays a line of interior products that play with optical illusions in weight and light.


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  1. Anonymous9/19/2012

    that porcelain lamp is amazing!! x